Personality first

I believe that soft skills must be considered as the indispensable skill sets during a hiring process. Hard skills are kind of play doh, that is, it is learnable, transferable, changeable, switchable and so on… Soft skill owners should be considered as “water“, that is, they will take the form of its container, easily.  No big deal. Soft skill owners should be considered as “pick-lock“, that is, they will eventually open any door even if they don’t have the unique special key for that lock at the moment of hiring process. No fear, no worry. Acquiring driving certificate is not a big deal but becoming a chauffeur who is resilient to weather conditions, day&night vision, shifting sands, slippery hills and so on… absolutely takes years.  What is more, these kind of soft skills are applicable and indispensable independently of the model of the car you drive… Of course, hard skills are also essential requirement to be addressed.  However, each job position requires a specific hard skills to possess.  It is not trivial, if not impossible, to find best fits who fit all.  In addition, missing hard skills can be acquired and even certificated within months, but owning soft skills takes years of experience.  Being humble is far more important than to be specialist of , i.e., concurrency, since the humble candidate owns the power of asking.  On the other hand, some soft skills are considered to be even native such as entrepreneurship. It is neither mobile first nor web first. It is personality first… So, the importance of the hard skills are several times less than that of the soft skills. If hard skills are considered to be as “glass“, then the soft skills must be featured as “diamond“. The following article underlines perfectly the importance of soft skills over hard skills. Personality is more important than the resume